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Experience the World of Waboku in Warau Ars Notoria

Don't Stop! There's one Last Dance until Midnight! Animator and Illustrator Waboku provides 2D visuals for 2020 RPG Warau Ars Notoria.


Whether it’s music videos or RPGs — Waboku is still Waboku.

The Rise of Waboku

Animator and illustrator Waboku has risen to prominence with his lively animation and distinct style. Now, his latest project has been revealed (and it’s not entirely music related).

Warau Ars Notoria

Beyond the story and characters, not much is known about this upcoming title.

According to Gematsu, pre-registrations are already open in Japan.

However, what we’d like to focus on is the game’s Opening Movie.

What immediately grabbed our attention was the artstyle.

Look to the bottom-right corner of the opening movie, and, sure enough, you’ll see its creators:

Waboku x Nitroplus Arts

A “Looking for Real Magic RPG”

“A Story to Find Where You Are”

ペンタグラム」 “Pentagram

騎士」 “Knight

There it is, the Waboku touch.

The game’s not due out until Spring, and there has been no word on localization as of yet, but we’d be glad to get our hands on a game featuring one of our favorite artists.

What about you?


『咲う アルスノトリア』

Warau Ars Notoria Official Cover Art

Platform: iOS/Android (planned)

Release Date: Spring 2020 (planned)

Website (Japanese): https://www.arsnotoria.jp/

Story Translation via Gematsu:

“This is a tale weaved for someone in another time and place.

“You” have lost most of your memories and somehow manage to arrive at a secret academy impossible for normal people to see. There, girls known as “Pentagrams” socialize and study to become “proper ladies.” Bestowed with the role of “teacher,” you will spend busy days wrapped around these adolescent girls’ fingers.

However, the glamour of paradise was only a prelude for the grand battle to come against the men known as the “Knights.”



A talented illustrator and animator, Waboku has been active since 2015, when he released his award-winning, emotional animated short titled “EMIGRE.”

Under creator management company NENENE United, he produced two short films, “VOYNICH” and “Celebrator,” joined by musical duo and fellow NENENE member Terarist.

While under NENENE United, he began animating music videos for various musicians.

Some of his most well-known works have been his music videos for artists Eve and Zutto Mayonaka de ii no ni (Zutomayo).

Recently, he gathered talented animators and directed the music videos for Eve‘s “Baumkuchen End” and Zutomayo‘s “Haze Haseru Haterumade.”

List of Waboku-involved projects thus far:

  1. Zutomayo – Haze Haseru Haterumade, Director
  2. Eve – Baumkuchen End MV, Director
  3. Eve – Dark Night MV, Director & Character Designer
  4. Eve – Last Dance MV, Assistant
  5. Eve – Tokyo Ghetto MV, Lead Animator
  6. Eve – As You Like It MV, Lead Animator
  7. Zutomayo – Byoushin wo Kamu MV, Lead Animator
  8. Zutomayo – Nouri ue no Cracker MV, Lead Animator
  9. Loin – 「ハイタ」 / “Haita” MV, Director and Animator
  10. Orangestar feat. IA – 「快晴」 / Kaisei, Animator
  11. NENENE – Film Vol. 1 Waboku x Terarist – 「VOYNICH」, Director and Animator
  12. NENENE – Film Vol. 2 Waboku x Terarist – 「Celebrator」, Director and Animator
  13. 『EMIGRE』, Lead Animator and Director

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