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Why Virtual YouTuber fans are buying boxes of Potato Chips

This savory gamble may leave you a bit more than slightly salty.


“I’ll have one box of Virtual YouTuber© Potato Chips please. Lightly salted.”

The Virtual YouTuber craze is still in full swing.

Talent management and merchandising company eStream has teamed up with convenience store chain FamilyMart, hobby shop and “Exciting Book Store” Village Vanguard, and animate, the store for all things anime, as well as 16 different Virtual YouTubers, to bring us our latest taste of the Virtual World:

VTuber Chips.

One bag costs 242 yen ($2.26), and event organizer eStream is selling boxes of the chips on their website for 2,904 yen ($27.13) per box, with 12 bags of chips per box.

For 3 lucky winners, eStream is also hosting a giveaway of the Complete VTuber Card Set on Twitter.

  1. “Follow the eStream Twitter Account and Quote-Retweet this tweet.
  2. Use the hashtag #VTuberチップス and yell your favorite VTuber.


Village Vanguard is also doing a giveaway. (until 10/22)

The image says, with every purchase of 6 bags comes a random clear file.

Giveaway Instructions:

  1. Follow the Village Vanguard Twitter Account and Quote-Retweet this tweet.
  2. Use the hashtag #VTuberチップス and yell your favorite VTuber.

Example: FUJI AOIIIIII (character limit) #VTuberチップス

There are 48 different cards in total: 16 Normal (N) cards, 16 Rare (R) cards, and 16 Super Rare (SR) cards (one of each tier for each participating VTuber).

We’ve collected the reactions from some of the most excited (and a few unlucky) fans!

Visit our Twitter Moment for more.

“I’m home! Itadakimasu! (~Let’s eat!)”

“Sora-chan! I got it!!! I’m so happy!!!!”

“I trusted Sora-chan and made a detour, and was able to safely pick up a clear file!!!!! I’m so happy!!!!!”

“I bought them immediately!

I didn’t get Sora-chan on my first time…but I got Sora-chan’s buddy, Aoi-chan!

And I got 2 Yomemi-chans, who collaborated with Sora-chan…This is a miracle!”

“I got a Normal one.”


“Baaa~ Finally, I got ‘Deron’ [nickname for Kaede Higuchi]

Baaa… Cat-Deron is cute~”

“A template. (all hand-made)

Use it freely everyone! (don’t abuse it)”

“I got myself! I’m so happy!! hahahaha”

“two cards hahaha”

“I bought two bags and got my card both times!!!! Wow!!!!!”

“Where are you selling these?”


“I didn’t get the hololive group that I wanted, but I’m satisfied.

But Baacharu this is you? lol”

Now, a few of the top collectors.

“I bought a lot of clear files!”

“Does anyone want to duel me?”

“I bought a lot.

I’ll record a video of me opening them and upload it later.”

“I’m looking to trade!

Looking for: RukiRoki, Shiro, Fubuki, cards I don’t have.

Trading: Any equivalent exchange to some extent, cards you don’t have.

SR cards are not in the picture, but we can definitely trade those.”

“(I didn’t get Fubuki’s SR so I’m personally defeated…)”

“I bought 10 boxes (120 bags) and got 9 SRs.

There’s not always 1 SR per box.

I hope this is helpful for those thinking about buying them after tomorrow!

By the way, the N and R cards are very cute (except for some), so be sure to buy more!”

“’except for some’ lol”

“It seems there’s been a mistake, and a real horse got mixed in with the others (jk)”

Which Virtual YouTubers are selling VTuber Chips?

  1. Mirai Akari
  2. Nekomiya Hinata
  3. Dennou Shojo Siro
  4. Baacharu
  5. Tanaka HimeSuzuki Hina
  6. YomemiMoemi Yomeno
  7. Yuzuki Roa
  8. Higuchi Kaede
  9. Tsukino Mito
  10. Shizuka Rin
  11. Honma Himawari
  12. Tokino Sora
  13. Shirakami Fubuki
  14. Fuji Aoi
  15. Hakari Kanna
  16. Ruki & Roki Sasugano

What do you think about Virtual YouTubers selling chips?

  1. Would you buy one box or two?
  2. Which VTuber’s trading card would you hope to pull?
  3. Which savory snack will VTubers be selling next?

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