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Ilya Kuvshinov 2013-2020: The Visual Timeline

To celebrate Ilya Kuvshinov's design in anime movie "The Wonderland" and Netflix's new Ghost in the Shell series, we've developed a visual timeline of his illustration works.



Akane Uesugi Birthday Wonderland DVD Cover Art by Ilya Kuvshinov

On January 7th, 2019, Russian illustrator Ilya Kuvshinov announced his involvement as character/visual designer and world concept artist for an upcoming anime movie.

On April 26th, 2019, “Birthday Wonderland” was released in Japan.

Fast-forward to January 2nd, 2020, when Ilya Kuvshinov announced the “Birthday Wonderland” U.S. release date

Birthday Wonderland US Movie Poster Ilya Kuvshinov ft Akane Uesugi

Birthday Wonderland Release Date

Ilya Kuvshinov revealed on Instagram that the near 2-hour long feature film, titled “The Wonderland” for English audiences, will premiere in U.S. theaters on January 31st.

Watch Birthday Wonderland Now

If you’re wondering “where can I watch Birthday Wonderland?” Well, that depends on your location.

For example, those in Italy can watch the full movie online at Amazon Prime Video, in both Italian subbed and dubbed versions.

The movie is an animated adaptation of the 1988 children’s novel Chikashitsu Kra no Fushigi na Tabi, or Strange Journey from the Basement, written by Sachiko Kashiwaba.

Birthday Wonderland Movie Synopsis:

Akane Uesugi is a shy 6th grader who has trouble telling other people how she feels.

The day before her birthday, her mother, Midori, sends her on an errand: to go get her birthday present from her free-spirited Aunt Chi’s antique shop.

But a strange man named Hippocrates the Alchemist, who calls her the “Green Goddess”, together with Pipo the fairy, takes her on a journey to “The World Beyond” from a door in the basement.

There, the water has dried up and the trees are losing their color.

Can she save it with the help of her free-spirited Aunt Chi, the stern Hippocrates, and his apprentice Pipo?


View the teaser below:

Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 Netflix by Ilya Kuvshinov

Ghost in the Shell on Netflix

The artist also announced, back in June of 2019, that he would be working on the new Ghost in the Shell series a lead character designer.

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Release Date

Titled “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045,” (with SAC meaning Stand Alone Complex), this 3DCG anime will release this year, only on Netflix. The exact release date is unknown – for now, it’s just “coming 2020.”

Japanese animation studios Production I.G. and SOLA Digital Arts will be creating the anime.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex director Kenji Kamiyama, and post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi anime Appleseed director Shinji Aramaki will be directing this Netflix series.

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Anime Synopsis:

In the year 2045, after global capitalism has defaulted, Japan’s elite Section 9 begins conducting covert cyber operations.


View the teaser below:

Aunt Chi and Akane Uesugi Birthday Wonderland poster by Ilya Kuvshinov

About Ilya Kuvshinov

Ilya Kuvshinov is an artist whose professional progress has been well documented over the years.

His earliest Instagram posts date back to 2012, and there’s even a Visual Novel Database entry of his visual novel “00 mem.: ~Le Chat~” from 2009.

The first collection of his works, Momentary: The Art of Ilya Kuvshinov, was published in April of 2017 by publisher PIE International.

He is currently financially supported by his fans on Patreon, as well as through various commissioned projects as a freelance illustrator.

He has drawn the attention of millions with his distinct and cherished illustrations, and his artistic journey is still just beginning.

To celebrate the international release of Keiichia Hara’s Birthday Wonderland, and Ilya Kuvshinov’s involvement in the upcoming Ghost in the Shell Netflix anime, nitrotaku has developed a visual timeline of Ilya Kuvshinov’s collaborative illustration works over the years.

Follow Kuvshinov on Instagram and Twitter.

Ilya Kuvshinov:
The Visual Timeline

2013 to 2014

“Knights of the Void” Motion Comic


Judge Dredd: Anderson, Psi-Division #2” Cover

IDW Publishing

Silent Hill Downpour: Anne’s Story #3” Variant Cover

IDW Publishing

“Red Fury #26” Cover


“Red Fury #27” Cover


2015 to 2016

Wayward #15” Variant Cover

Image Comics

“Technokinesis” Album Cover


“Create Futuristic Manga” Magazine Cover

ImagineFX Magazine

2017 to 2018

“Lord of Vermilion IV” Cards

Square Enix

“BLOSSOM DETECTIVE HOLMES: Selfie with a Strange Intruder”

Steve Ahn

the fragmented ALiS” Cover

Keiichi Kakoya

“AMU KOKURA 20th – SPRING 2018” Promotion

AMU Plaza Kokura

Emperor Penguin” Print

PangeaSeed Foundation

CHNGE Illustration


Sadameya” Cover

Sui Uehara

“AMU KOKURA 20th – SUMMER 2018” Promotion

AMU Plaza Kokura

“No Future Vacances” Album Cover

Sumire Uesaka

“AMU KOKURA 20th – AUTUMN 2018” Promotion

AMU Plaza Kokura

REAL” Art Exhibition

GoFa (Gallery of Fantastic Art)

“GRIS” Special Edition Posters

Nomada Studio

“AMU KOKURA 20th – Xmas 2018” Promotion

AMU Plaza Kokura

“Fox” Illustration


“Love Finds A Way” Single Cover


2019 to 2020

“Wonderland EP” Single Cover


“Wonderland EP” Music Video


“Birthday Wonderland Official Design Works” Art Book

PIE International x Ilya Kuvshinov

“Birthday Wonderland” Visual Design

Warner Bros. Japan

Indivisible” RPG Repair Nurse NPC Design

Lab Zero Games

“depth of field” Ad Campaign


Snazzy Enamel Pin

Plush Art Club

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045” Character Design


Plastic Sea” Print

PangeaSeed Foundation

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