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Japanese Kantai Collection Fans Reject OREO Collaboration

Japanese Kantai Collection fans have taken to the Tweets to protest the new OREO x KanColle campaign! ...Most were fine with it though.


Lawson is reporting that there have been attacks on their servers — possibly from the Abyssal Fleet.

Hatsuyuki and Fubuki of Kantai Collection anime eating OREOs

Twitter ・ @C2_STAFF

The Fleet Arrived on October 15th

Convenience store chain Lawson has united two entertainment and confectionery powerhouses to bring us the crossover that we never thought was possible: battleship anime girls and OREOs.

Ship girls loving Oreos is now cannon.
Kantai Collection OREO Collaboration Twitter Ad by convenience store Lawson

“「KanColle」 × OREO Vanilla Creme Launch!”

The battleship anime we’re referring to is, of course, Kantai Collection, or KanColle for short.

This “Next Generation Fleet Girls Tactical Browser Game,” launched in April of 2013, has players assuming the role of an “admiral” who collects and commands anthropomorphized battleships known as “fleet-girls,” in the fight against the monstrous Abyssal Fleet.

While the game has never been officially released outside of Japan, the anime, movie, charming fleet girls, and a multitude of memes have kept the hype above water worldwide.

Each box of Kantai Collection Oreos includes a magnet featuring one of these KanColle characters to add to your shipgirl fleet:

Mizuho (Halloween Mode)
Roma (Halloween Mode)
Libeccio (Halloween Mode)
Asashio Kai-II (Halloween Mode)
Sagiri (Halloween Mode)
Shiratsuyu Kai-II (Autumn Mode)
Richelieu (Autumn Mode)
+ 3 Secret Characters…

That being said…

Here are 3 reasons fans in Japan weren’t so thrilled about Kantai Collection’s latest alliance.

It’s expensive.

Many Japanese Twitter users suggested that a box of “Milk’s Favorite Cookies” and a magnet aren’t worth the 690 yen price tag (about $6.35).

“That’s expensive… I’m not buying.”

“MISSION: Preservation of KanColle Oreo in LAWSON has been successfully completed.

The cashier was an old lady, and was like ‘why are Oreos so expensive’, lol.

Well, I guess she’s right.”

“My cashier told me ‘it’s 690 yen, is that ok?’ lol”

“It’s about 3 times the normal price, so when a cashier who doesn’t know about the collaboration uses the cash register, they’re like ‘is this the right price?’ lol.”

“What if I want to buy every cardboard shipping box? Would Lawson-san be happy with that? LOL”

“It costs 690 yen per box of Oreos, it’s impossible!!! That’s 7 Boxes of Bisco!!!”

It’s not Japanese.

Several people expressed that they would rather Lawson have collaborated with YBC’s Noir.

“In the past, YBC has produced the original Oreo cookies under license for the Japanese market. When the contract ended, YBC launched the NOIR series to supply customers with the high quality that they were used to. Many Japanese prefer the NOIR series because of its fine sweetness and high quality.”


“If you’re Japanese, eat Noir, lol.

(Yamazaki Nabisco split into Yamazaki Biscuits and Nabisco)

(Oreo used to be made in Japan, but now it’s made in China)”

“690 yen for only one magnet?

Chinese-made Oreo seems to lust for more profits. [approx.]

I’m not interested in these magnets, so I’ll eat some Japanese-made Noir.”

“Ah, it isn’t Noir. *takes notes*”

“Why isn’t it Noir?”

“Noir is more delicious now (in my opinion)”

“It’s Made in China.

What a Shame! I’m not buying.”

However, these two problems may not be so serious, considering the last complaint.

It’s sold out.

“Okay, the night shift is over… (i’m tired)…

I went to the closest Lawson to the company.

There’s no Oreos, but there’s a few goods left.”

“I only needed to go to 3 different Lawsons to find a trace of the campaign.

(There weren’t even 2 boxes left)…”

Regardless of the backlash…

We’ve collected tweets from those who were able to “GET!” them a box of KanColle OREOs.

Visit our Twitter Moment for more!

“OREO and Happo-chan…secured!!”

“I bought Oreos.”

“There was only 1 box of Oreos left! I thank the person who didn’t buy up all the stock!”

“I’ll be snacking on Oreos for a while lol”

“I bought KanColle OREO at Lawson!

Also, there were a few IDOLMASTER clear files.

My house is getting full of sweets I bought at the convenience store…”

“Good Morning!

This time, I only bought Oreos!”

“I went to Lawson and got Kancolle OREO~

I’ll eat it later”

“Ah, I found Oreo. It’s still here!”

“Oreo Opening!”

“Oreos and OREO with a fried egg and tree hat.

Oreo is so cute~ and I took the pictures while talking to him.”

“My OREO magnet was Mizuho-san!”

“My KanColle Oreo was Richelieu.”

“My magnet was Sigiri!”

“I got KanColle Oreo!

When I opened it, it was a secret Hatsuyuki”

Many artists depicted the Kantai Collection girls themselves participating in the event.

“Oreo Time”



“Fubuki and a night drive.

She’s eating Oreos.”

“Even though it’s kinda pointless, I added a seatbelt lol

(You have to wear it while driving!)”

“A picture of finally buying Oreos.”

“Hoppo-chan finally found Oreos.”

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