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Porter Robinson Announces ‘Virtual Self’ x chloma Fashion Collaboration

The producer behind ‘Shelter’ and ‘Sad Machine,’ songs that already bend reality, reveals how Japanese fashion brand CHLOMA influenced his Virtual Self EP.


Porter Robinson x chloma

In a Twitter thread, Porter Robinson announced his collaboration with Japanese high fashion brand chloma.

The collection, titled ‘CHLOMA + VIRTUALSELF: Human-Error:LAMENT’, combines music, fashion, and the virtual world in all the right ways.

However, this isn’t just a merch drop. This is fashion for a cause.

“All of my profits on the Chloma collaboration will go directly to the Robinson Malawi Fund,” Robinson tweeted, “and will be used for direct patient care for pediatric and adolescent lymphoma in Malawi.”

Read about Porter and his brother Mark Robinson’s personal encounter with lymphoma in this UNC Medicine article.

Porter Robinson and chloma aren’t a new pairing, either.

It turns out, the ‘cyber-style’ of the chloma fashion brand actually influenced the creation of Robinson’s ‘Virtual Self’ EP, released in November of 2017.

Further along in the Twitter thread, Robinson reveals, “Chloma was a huge influence on Virtual Self when I was first developing the project in late 2016. In 2018, when I met the brand’s founder, Junya, he told me that Virtual Self had influenced his latest collection too!”

This collection includes a jacket titled Human:Error LAMENT: ANORAK. The anoraks are unisex, and available in both black and white (dubbed “Pathselector & Technic Angel colorways”). There’s one other interesting note to mention—

There are only 120 of them.

“Handmade in Japan; only 70 black anoraks, and 50 white anoraks will be produced.” Robinson tweeted.

The CHLOMA + VIRTUALSELF collection also includes the “UTOPIA” high-neck zip tee, the “SySTEM” skirt, and the “Distant” sweat parka.

A trailer featuring glitch effects and a robotic computer-generated voice was uploaded to the Porter Robinson YouTube channel. The video is linked below.

See the collection for yourself on the Virtual Self chloma Collaboration website.

What is chloma

chloma is a fashion brand that dances the border between virtual and reality.

There used to be some people who called chloma “Uchu-kei” in Reddit. Chloma is influenced by cyber style like y2k fashion, and also by modern practical tech fashion. I want to make clothes that can inspire the future and are suitable for wearing now.

Junya Suzuki, chloma

They primarily deal in coats and jackets, though there are other articles available as well on the chloma website.

At chloma, when choosing their models, they don’t discriminate based on your World of Origin.

Check out this listing for their EMBROIDERED HIGH-NECKED TEE “cosmo” / icegray.

Chroma Fashion Store Embroidered High Necked Tee Cosmo listing

Based on absence of stock, virtual reality + fashion seems to be a winning formula.

chloma also sells an anorak for your virtual avatar to wear (in both One-piece and Parka versions), in case you want your virtual self to be stylish too.

Both come with futuristic virtual shoes and long white virtual socks, so your virtual self stays cozy.

chroma store VRoid virtual fashion model wearing anorak

Virtual Models and VRoid

The ‘virtual models’ featured on the chloma store are modeling clothing that can be bought and used in social Virtual Reality games such as VRChat.

See more virtual fashion-selling in action in our article Virtual YouTubers Sell Virtual Fashion at PARK Harajuku.

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