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Illustrator Sakiyama Talks Inspiration and Industrialization

Sakiyama shares some of her music video production process, and reveals what inspired her to become an illustrator.

TOKYO CHRONOS Executive Producer discusses the Future of VR Visual Novels

Talking Virtual Reality and Visual Novels with MyDearest Inc. CEO Kento Kishigami at BitSummit 7 Spirits.

「東京クロノス」総合プロデューサー がVRビジュアルノベルの未来について語る

MyDearest株式会社 代表取締役CEO岸上健人が「BitSummit 7 Spirits」でバーチャル・リアリティとビジュアルノベルについて語っています。

Kotaro Uchikoshi answers 16 Questions about AI: The Somnium Files

Game director Kotaro Uchikoshi reveals more info about the Japanese mystery adventure game AI: The Somnium Files from Spike Chunsoft in this 4Gamer interview.

Japanese Singer Eve answers 17 Questions about Albums Otogi & Bunka

Japanese singer Eve talks about the album creation process and his introduction to music in this interview with Japanese magazine Skream!

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